Vision, Strategy & Goals

STLHE strives to be the pre-eminent national voice, and a world leader, for enhancing teaching and learning in higher education. The Society supports research, its dissemination, increased awareness, and application of research through scholarly teaching and learning.

There are a number of ongoing strategic initiatives including the development of a meaningful commitment to bilingualism; increasing student awareness, engagement and participation; expanding our award programs to recognize special interest groups and other talents of teachers and students; strengthening our relationship with senior administrators and in particular the AUCC; and creating a new charitable arm “Teaching Learning Canada” whose aim would be to leverage several of our activities and events described in our goals (see:


STLHE is incorporated and is currently seeking to establish a new legal arm “Teaching Learning Canada” (TLC) which, if approved, will have charitable status.

Core activities

The core activities includes two annual conferences, 5 national awards, The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (CjSoTL), Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching (CELT), Green Guides, three Newsletters and sponsorship of various regional events.

Response to Questions:

1. Highlight / Successes in the past year:

–       New journal (CJSoTL)

–       Two new national awards. One on innovation launced last week and another on student leadership to be launched in October

–       Revamped website

–       Participation in events led by the Association of University Colleges in Canada (Presidents)

–       New partnerships with private and public organizations

B.   Difficulty / Challenge:

–       Coordinating the work of a very large Board of 16 members

C.    Future Developments:

–       Developing a certification process for educational development

–       Research funding and advocacy to targeted groups

–       Hiring an executive director

–       Strengthening bilingualism

Member Organisations

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