AISHE is a professional society whose goal is to bring together and support those people who are concerned to advance higher education in the island of Ireland. Its key goal is to promote the professional recognition and enhancement of teaching and learning in Higher Education.  A wide range of activities contribute to the achievement of this goal including seminars, conferences, publications, and provision of online community forums and services.   AISHE membership is open to everyone with an interest in its aims and objectives; but it is particularly focused on supporting teaching and learning staff (academics, tutors, library, IT support, AV services etc.) in all institutions of Higher Education anywhere on the island of Ireland.

Core Activities of AISHE: The following summary outlines the core activities of the society.  Further details are available on the website –

AISHE Annual Conference and Regional Seminars Series: The annual AISHE conference provides a forum for the exchange of ideas on teaching, learning and assessment and encourages an international dimension to AISHE’s role. It fosters research and encourages publication. Recent Conference themes have included: Designing & Delivering Curricula for the Future, August 2010 at DCU and Valuing Complexity: Celebrating Diverse Approaches to Teaching and Learning, August 2009 at NUI Maynooth. A key strength is its collaborative and regionally distributed activities such as the Seminar and Workshop Series. The most recent themes have included have included increasing students’ satisfaction with their learning experience (Belfast), community engagement and societal wellbeing (Maynooth) and problem based learning (Tralee).

Communities of Practice (Special Interest Groups): Recognizing that some activities are best developed at discipline level while others benefit from a cross-disciplinary emphasis, AISHE funded six Special Interests Groups in order to support the development of Communities of Practice among AISHE members.  Themes included: Student Learning Development; Irish Mathematics Support Network; Action Research in Higher Education; Creativity in Higher Education; Supporting Research Supervisors and Learning and Teaching in Geography in HE.

Key Publications Online Journal: AISHE-J, the All Ireland Journal for Teaching and Learning is well established as an online journal and is in its third volume.  It is available free to download on the AISHE website and has recently been taken up by EBSCO, a provider of online publications to the academic world.  The next issue will coincide with the 7th Annual Conference in August.

Books and eBooks and Conference Proceedings: The following titles are free to download from the website or can be purchased in hard copy if preferred.

2010 Teaching for Inclusion in Higher Education: A Guide to Practice. Sandra Griffiths,

2009 Mapping Civic Engagement within Higher Education in Ireland. Lorraine  McIlrath, Alison Farrell, Jean Hughes, Seamus Lillis & Ann Lyons (Editors).

2007 Teaching Portfolio Practice in Ireland – A Handbook. Ciara O’Farrell (Editor).Case Studies of Good Practices in 2007 Assessment of Student Learning in Higher Education.Geraldine O’Neill, Sylvia Huntley-Moore, Phil Race (Editors).

2006 A Practical Manual For Evaluating Teaching In Higher Education. Sylvia  Huntley-Moore and John Panter.

2005  Handbook of Enquiry and Problem-based Learning Irish Case Studies and International Perspectives. Terry Barrett, Iain Mac Labhrainn and Helen Fallon (Editors).

2005 Emerging issues in the practice of University Learning and Teaching.

Geraldine O’Neill, Sarah Moore and Barry McMullin (Editors).


We welcome the opportunity to share information about our activities and look forward to meeting colleagues from other networks and societies.

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