ICED council meeting June 23-24 2011

Japan Association for Educational Development in Higher Education
Basic information: Numbers of members 19 (individual), 2(organizational), Annual fee 10,000 yen (individual), 30,000 yen (organizational), founded by the members of a research project funded by National Institute for Educational Policy Research on September 27th in 2009.
Purpose: Our purpose is to contribute the enhancement of quality of teaching and learning in higher education institutes in Japan through the activities relating to higher educational development with network of educational developers and to improve the quality of educational developers and develop their professional abilities based on academic research.
1. Staff and organizational development in higher education
2. Improvement of knowledge and skills of educational developers
3. Ethics and abilities of educational developers
4. Qualification and training system for educational developers
5. Qualification and training system for academics
6. Research on educational development and educational developers
7. Partnership with domestic and other countries organizations for educational development
8. Public Relation for dissemination of educational development
9. Other activities for the purpose
President: Keiji Kawashima (National Institute for Educational Policy Research)
Board of members: Hiroki Oki (Ritsumeikan University), Kaori Kato (Niigata University), Hiroaki Sato (Ehime
Main activities in 2011-2012
1. Forum for Educational Development in Higher Education (Annual Conference) at Ritsumeikan University on
August 29th.
2. Faculty Development Facilitators Training Programs at Ehime University on October 8th-9th.
3. Faculty Developers Training Programs at Tokyo on November 11th-13th.
4. Reflections Days for Faculty Developers in February 2012
ICED council meeting June 23-24 2011

Main activities in 2010-2011
1. Workshop for Faculty developers “Can teaching really be discipline-specific? Helping university professors
develop discipline-specific pedagogical knowledge” at Osaka University in August 20th.
Facilitator: Denis Berthiaume
2. Symposium “Faculty Development in global Japanese University” at Osaka University in August 20th
3. Seminar for faculty developers “Diploma Policy, Curriculum Policy and Admission Policy: How to make
consistency of undergraduate education programs” at National Institute for Educational Policy Research in
September 3rd.
4. International Seminar and Workshop “Strategic Training Program for New Faculty: Lesson from Post
Graduate Certificate for Higher Education Teaching in U.K.” at National Institute for Educational Policy
Research in September 29th. Keynote Speaker: Derek Cox
5. International Seminar “How to improve academic leadership?” at Ministry of Education and Science. Keynote
Speaker: Paul Blackmore
6. Reflection Days for faculty developers at Shounan on February 26-28*.
Common questions
A. Please explain an aspect of your network’s activities which you think has been especially successful this year.
– Reflection Days for educational developers
We set the routine activities of JAED on three days reflection days.
– Organizational membership System
In addition to individual membership, we create the organizational membership. We just have 2 organizational members. We are planning to consult with them on educational development in their context.
B. Please explain a particular difficulty your network experienced this year.
– Marketing and Recruitment of new members, Professional identity for faculty developers
C. In your national higher education context, please consider how you expect your network to develop over the
next year.
First, we need to increase members. This means that we need more faculty developers who have high motivation and skills. Many people do not know our job. We must show what we are doing visibly for academics and future faculty, graduate students. The first Forum for Educational Development would be the good opportunity to appeal us. We are planning to use some effective media like YouTube, Twitter and Ustream.
Secondly, we need to tell Ministry of Education and Science about the importance of educational development. We will meet them regularly and give them the latest other country’s situation. Hopefully we want get funding for research about qualification for teaching in higher education in other countries.
Hiroaki Sato,
A board member of JAED
Vice Director, Associate Professor, Office of Education Planning and Research, Ehime University, Japan.

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