National Frame:

Academics do not have to be specially qualified on teaching in their tenure for teaching in the universities and colleges. All they have to do is to present their teaching plan. Nevertheless, the selection is made on the basis of their research experience. Once they work, they are encouraged to gain qualifications by the National Quality Agencies.

Our basic aims:
To spread out teaching practices; the quality experiences in T&L, to discuss current practices, to promote networking on T&L, to enhance reflection on T&L., writing and publishing academic reflection on teaching practice, …

Current President: Joan Rue. Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Current RED-U membership: 32 institutional members, (HE institutions, Universities and Schools) and 20 individual active members.

Most individuals working with us do work in the institutions member of RED-U.

RED-U depends only on their member’s fees and free will. Fees are discussed and approved on the annual assembly meetings.
2010-2011 activities

1- June 2010: ICED 2010 Conference. UPF, Barcelona.

2- February 2011: Workshop & Seminar. At the UNED: Universidad Nacional a Distancia, Madrid.
Supporting the HE Teaching. What does work and don’t in it. Relevant experiences in Spain.
Number of Seminar’s attendants. 56 Invited expert: James Wisdom (SEDA)

3. Workshop: July 7th-8th 2011. “Reflecting on workshops as strategy for improving professional training” Universidad de Cantabria, Santander.
A selected sample of 14th workshops will be offered to the audience. A discussion on workshop as professional development strategy is expected to be held.
Invited expert: Katarina Martensson, Lund U.

4- RED-U Review.
Upgraded. We launched it in a new electronic version.
All the articles are free access to all. Two issues edited, from last September.
Three issues more are foreseen along 2011.

5- New Web page:
Purposes: facilitating contacts, facilitating wider diffusion to the activities and enhancing exchanges between members.
All the Workshops and Seminars materials are uploaded there.

6- Assembly: end of November 2010. Sitges.
Amendments to the Red-U constitution were discussed and approved A new board was elected for supporting president.

7- Funding Research on RED-U Projects. Its first issue was launched on February
2011. The jury decisions will be presented at the next Workshop meeting. The winning project will get a 12.000 € grant for a maximum of two years.
Purpose: connecting/networking professionals of the RED-U institutions members for launching research writing either to enhance Teaching-Learning, teaching quality, gathering evidences of best practices, etc.

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