Update and activities, June 2011 by Paul Deneer

The basics of the network:
• Founded as organisation in January 2010, successor of an informal network of university institutes for educational development, called CRWO.
• Coordinated by a board of six persons (elected by the members); at present three representatives of research universities and three of universities for applied sciences.
• Financed by individual membership (80 euro per year), 128 members 2010
• Membership is open for people working in the field of educational development at research universities or at universities for applied sciences.

• To further the quality of higher education, by

  • Showing the available expertise on educational development in higher education
  • Facilitating collaboration and sharing of expertise between the members
  • Contribute to the development of the dicipline of educational development in higher education

• To work on a formal recognition of the expertise of its members
• To enhance research on higher education

Membership is open for:
• Advisors on educational development in higher education
• Researchers of higher education
• Teacher trainers in higher education

• Website developed, up and running:
• Annual conference
• Journal (called Research of Education, published three times per year)
• Publishing of books
• Working groups (at present four groups: ‘Teacher training´; ´Quality and accreditation´; ‘Educational centres at research universities’;  ‘Education and Development network of universities for applied sciences’)
• Workshops, seminars
• Annual members meeting
• Contact with other organisations working in the field of higher educations

Start of the organisation (after discussion and preparation that took more than two years)
Seminar on “Study success” January 2011
EHON conference 2011

It’s difficult to bring two worlds together: the World of the research universities en the World of universities for applied sciences.

Development next year:
Discussion on the formal qualification of teacher trainers
To spent money on a better communication to our members (to strengthen the link between members and EHON)

Member Organisations

We have 26 member organisations across the world. Click here to see a complete list, with their Council representatives

Starting a New Network

ICED encourages the formation of new national networks to support educational development.


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