ICED Council July 2012 – Conferences

Policy Proposal – Surplus Income from ICED Conferences

This proposal was accepted at the 2012 Council

This paper is an information and decision paper about the handling of surplus income from ICED Conferences.


Income from ICED’s biennial international conference has constituted its main source of income. In order to ensure sustainability of this income, Council agreed that ICED should receive a 10% levy on each delegate registration fee together with any surplus.

In the ICED Conference Information document, section 2 refers to agreed arrangements for sharing of surplus from the conference should the hosting network request this, and in section 7.4 the document specifies that “All remaining funds should then be returned to ICED unless a proportion of the surplus has been previously agreed with the Council.”

In order to enable the host network to further its aims, in recognition of the responsibilities entailed in organising the conference, and to encourage careful expenditure to ensure a surplus, agreement was made for a 60 (ICED)/40 (Red-U) split of the surplus in 2010, and a 50/50 split in 2012. In both cases the 10% of registration was applied.


It is proposed that ICED Council formally adopts the following policy:

ICED will receive 10% of delegate registration fees and half of the surplus funds arising from its biennial international conference.

Council in invited to consider this proposal.

Kristine Mason O’Connor
6 July 2012

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