Each year, the editorial team of the International Journal for Academic Development (IJAD) appoints an international selection panel to choose an ‘Article of the Year’ from all articles published in IJAD in a given calendar year. The IJAD Article of the Year 2014 is the article that the selection committee feels best meets the following criteria:

  • meets IJAD’s aims to “enable academic/educational developers in higher education across the world to exchange ideas about practice and extend the theory of educational development, with the goal of improving the quality of higher education internationally”;
  • shows excellence in style, form, clarity and readability;
  • appeals to an international academic development readership;
  • articulates a robust and defensible research process; and
  • produces original and/or innovative insights that excite the reader or offer something new to the field of academic development.

For 2014, the winning article was published in IJAD Volume 19, Issue 4, and is titled, “Supporting programme teams to develop sequencing in higher education curricula,” written by Geraldine O’Neill, Roisin Donnelly & Marian Fitzmaurice, who are from various institutions in Dublin, Ireland.

The judges had the following to say in explaining their choice for 2014 IJAD Article of the Year:

This is a very well written, informative piece clearly targeted at academic developers.  It helpfully brings together a wide literature on curriculum design and sequencing and links it to research on seven programme teams across two institutions and draws practical conclusions from the research. It is an outstanding paper that strongly demonstrates the aims and scope of IJAD.  The study is situated in practice and supported by literature, so that it informs our conceptual understanding of the curriculum design process and provides clear direction for improving that practice.  It integrates international literature and the strong literature review connects this study to the broader field and increases the impact of this work.  The study was well-designed to inform the research question and capture evidence across contexts. The analysis was deep and robust.  The discussion makes strong, evidence-based links to practice and student learning.  Overall, the quality of writing and the organization of the paper was outstanding.”

Congratulations to Geraldine, Roisin and Marian!

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