Here is the report from the Swedish network for educational development, Swednet.

During the last year, several efforts have become reality. First of all, our e-journal ‘Högre Utbildning’ (Means Higher Education in Swedish) will come out with its first issue in a few days. An editorial group has been working on this very hard, to establish all the resources needed in terms of competence, logotype, website, information to authors etcetera. It is thought of as a journal for teachers and educational developers in higher education and hence has a wider scope than e.g. IJAD.

National conference
In October 2010 a national conference took place in Stockholm with over 400 delegates. This was not an activity organized only by Swednet, although many of its members were at the organizing committee, and almost all of us attended the conference and authored or co-authored many of the scholarly contributions.

Research-days for educational developers
In January two full days were organized in Malmö, in the south of Sweden, for educational developers interested in starting research collaborations. These days were followed-up at the Swednet conference in May, which for the first time consisted of three instead of two days.

Collaboration with Rectors Association
For several years we have tried to get in closer collaboration with the management of the universities through the Rectors’ Association. In 2010 this work proved rewarding! We were approached to start a collaboration on ‘providing a basis for educational leadership’ for Rectors. The President of Swednet was asked to chair the working group, which has resulted in a conference that will be held in Stockholm 14-15 November 2011 on ‘Leading Higher Education’ – a scholarly conference on initiatives that support high quality education.

Collaboration with the Nordic Networks
At ICED 2010 most Nordic delegates assembled to discuss and network. This resulted in an initiative for competence development of educational developers, which was carried out 14-16 June in Denmark. Some 30 educational developers attended.

Difficulty with economy
Due to the treasurer of Swednet becoming long-term ill, all activity around our finances were put on hold for almost half a year.
Finally we succeeded in getting hold of all paperwork as well as hiring a consultant as treasurer. This shows the vulnerability of a small network relying on individual engagement.

For the future
At our annual meeting in May a new president was elected, Ann-Sofie Henriksson. She will work with new ideas and perspectives – where hopefully Swednet expands to include more members working with ed dev.

Member Organisations

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