The following report contains a short account of the 7th year of activity of the SFDN

1. Membership.
At present the network comprises 22 institutional members. In total SFDN has approximately 69 individual members.

2. The board
Four people built the board during the period June 2010 to May 2011:
Thomas Tribelhorn (Universität Bern) co-president
Gabriel Eckert (HESSO) co-president
Ingrid LeDuc (EPF Lausanne) secretary general
Sarah Shephard (ETH Zürich) treasurer

At the general assembly June 2010 no successor was found for president after Denis Berthiaume’s resignation. In further consequence Thomas Tribelhorn was elected board member. The board decided to distribute work among its members according to a specific schedule of responsibilities. This approach was accepted by the general assembly.

3. Activities and events ICED conference 2010:
Some of us (at least Denis Berthiaume, Ingrid LeDuc, Thomas Tribelhorn, Peter Tremp, Heinz Bachmann, Marc Horisberger, Wolfgang Schatz, Ute Woschnack, … who else?) attended last years ICED conference in July in Barcelona. The location was gorgeous, the conference well organised. We hope to see many of you next year in Bankok!

SFDN board meetings: Next to intensive email-correspondence the board had two meetings: • July 13 in Lausanne, with following topics: mission of SFDN, planning of activities 2011, contact with ICED, SFDN membership scheme, roles of board members.
• December 17 in Berne, with following topics: membership scheme, application process, roles of the Board members, candidates for the board, new members, preparation of activities 2011.

ICED-board: Ingrid participated on a Skype discussion with other ICED board members on how to proceed for ICED to acquire charity status in the UK. Also ICED activities are to be better defined at three levels: network support, support emerging network and be acknowledged by Educational National / Governmental institutions.

Testing groupware: the SFDN board did a small evaluation of two platforms since it is felt, that collaboration /communication as it is realised by now could be optimised by ICT. Support on this topic if needed will be provided by SWITCH.

New members: We have new members from UAS Bern ( as well as from the University of Liechtenstein ( CRUS: Thomas Tribelhorn represents SFDN at CRUS. He attended the meetings of the national «Bolognanetzwerk» and was contacted by CRUS for other projects as well (e.g. advisory board for the CRUS-project «good practice in learning outcomes»).

eduhub days 2011: Thomas Tribelhorn attended eduhub days 2011 in Lugano (for pictures and information see: He was invited as participant to the panel discussion on the question «how can we integrate new media into higher education?» The conference is organised every year by the «educational technology working group» (etwg) which mainly is the community of e-learning activists in Swiss HE. The etwg is interested in working together with SFDN on any kind of project or event – suggestions welcome!

SFDN workshop 2011: A full-day workshop for SFDN members has been organised by the board for May 26th. Mick Healey works with us on the topic « Supporting faculty engage students in research and inquiry».

4. Communication: Information on activities, jobs, projects or events were sent to SFDN members by digest-email. Online discussion within the board was also led mainly using email. Communication by email turned out to be not the best tool for this purpose. Discussion about alternative technological support will follow.

5. Prospect After clearing the constitution of the board as well as the membership scheme we will have to discuss further possibilities to realise the goals of SFDN as well as technological support to enhance community-building among SFDN members.

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