This document brings together information about the ICED Board and how the election and appointment process will be handled.

The Board

The ICED Board is the elected President two Vice Presidents, President-Elect (in alternate years) and two appointed Council Members.

When it meets to conduct business (either electronically or face to face), the ICED Administrator (or substitute nominated by the President) must be present to record minutes and decisions.

Periods of office

The President-Elect is elected for one three-year term only in which they serve one year as President-Elect and two years as President. (The President-Elect/President role was approved at the 2019 Council meeting).

The Vice Presidents are each elected for a two-year term, and can be re-elected to that position for only one further two-year term. 

The two Council Members (network representatives) are each appointed by invitation for a two-year term.

The terms of office end at the close of the Council meeting except when the Council precedes an associated biennial conference, in which they end at the close of the conference

If, for any reason, a member of the Board has to stand down before the expiry of their term of office, the Board can co-opt a member of Council to the Board, to serve until the next Council meeting. In the meantime, the Board will call an election or instigate the invitation process to fill the vacancy to serve for the remainder of the original term.

Election process for President-Elect and Vice Presidents

The election process is managed for the Council by the ICED Election Committee which consists of a past President, the ICED Administrator and an ICED advisor chosen by the Council such as the Treasurer, an IJAD co-editor or the Conference Organiser.

Vice Presidents and Council Members serve in overlapping terms, so there will be an election and invitation process each year.

The Election Committee will circulate the election timetable to Council Members and call for nominations. Candidates and nominators must be members of Council.

Nominations should be supported by a one page Candidate Statement highlighting the experience the nominee brings to the position and how they could contribute to ICED, particularly in light of the strategic priorities established at the previous Council meeting. Council Members are encouraged to engage candidates in electronic discussion and provide feedback on their Candidate Statement.

The Election Committee will circulate ballot papers and Candidate Statements electronically to Council Members. Ballot papers will not include the name of the nominator. 

Members can be nominated for both President and Vice President. The ballot for President will be counted first.

The Election Committee will announce the name(s) of the elected candidate(s). Voting numbers will be available to candidates on request, otherwise the numbers will remain confidential to the Election Committee. The origin of each vote will not be reported. 

Replacement of Vice President

If a Vice President is elected President after one year in office, a separate election will be held for the resulting vacancy. The incoming Vice President will serve for the remaining term.

Invitation process for appointed Council Members

In principle, networks share the responsibility and opportunity for their representatives to serve on the Board.

Using the alphabetical list of network names, the Election Committee will invite each network in turn. If a network is unable to accept the invitation, the invitation passes down the list.

The networks of the President and Vice Presidents should be excluded from this process. Therefore this appointment process will follow the election process.

Treasurer, IJAD Representative and Conference Convenor

Approved at 2015 Council meeting.

The Treasurer will serve for a two year period, renewable once only. The post will be filled by a member of Council, nominated and appointed by Council at their biannual non-conference yearly meeting.

The IJAD Representative will serve for a two year period, renewable once only. The post will be filled by a member or former member of the IJAD Editorial Board, nominated by the Editorial Board and appointed by Council at their biannual non-conference yearly meeting.

The ICED Conference Convenor will serve for the two year period leading up to the ICED Conference.

The Treasurer, IJAD Representative and Conference Convenor are ex-officio, non-voting advisers to Board.

Election Timetable

Normally the election timetable will be:

20th October                     Administrator initiates the process by sending emails to confirm Council Membership

4th November                   invitation to nominate

17th November                 deadline for receipt of nominations

26th November                 deadline for receipt of Candidate Statements

1st December                   circulation of ballot papers and Candidate Statements

12th December                 deadline for receipt of completed ballot papers

15th December                 announce result

Early January                    Start of the appointment process from among Council Members


October 2012
Updated April 2020

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