Discover the benefits of being an ICED member

ICED engages in these activities:

  • Sponsoring the International Journal for Academic Development (IJAD), a medium for debating and extending the theory and practice of educational development, in support of quality higher education.
  • Partnering with a Member Network to host the biennial ICED conference to promote the sharing of research and beneficial practices globally.
  • Supporting—through briefing, training and mentoring—educational developers who want to write for publication or referee and review for IJAD and for ICED Conference proposals.
  • Helping members of our network organisations to access an international community for matters such as research information, mentors, tutors, and external examiners.
  • Enabling meaningful exchanges of knowledge, experience, and resources at Council meetings and biennial conferences, in IJAD, and through the website, e-mail discussion list, and special interest groups.
  • Advertising training and professional development events for individual educational developers, such as collaborative workshops and pre-conference workshops.
  • Encouraging members to identify and share standards and models for educational development practice.
  • Serving as a hub to provide access to advice, guidance, and consultancy from the international community of educational developers.
  • Creating, supporting, and guiding collaborative projects across Member Networks and nations.
  • Recognising leadership in educational development through the Spirit of ICED award.
  • Cultivating a caring community of supportive colleagues and a “network of networks” through which members can exchange knowledge, experience, texts, and resources.
  • Helping to promote local, national, and international events organised by Member Networks.
  • Supporting Member Networks engaging with their ministries, national bodies, or allied organisations.
  • Rotating opportunities across Member Networks to host the biennial conference and annual Council meeting to highlight local educational development.
  • Rotating ICED Board membership across Member Networks and deliberately recruiting IJAD editorial team members from across the globe.
  • Making IJAD widely accessible, offering a discount and the translation of abstracts.
  • Maintaining a budget and a reserves policy to uphold its charitable purpose and aims.
  • Providing a single contact point via an administrator to support ICED.
  • Engaging with colleagues in countries where the need for educational development is becoming more recognised.
  • Helping to nurture the formation and development of new and emerging educational development networks by offering expertise, sustainable models, guidance, and resources from Member Networks.
  • Providing access via the website to organisational information from Member Networks and ICED to give ideas, insights, and examples about governance, policies, membership models, activities and events, and more.
  • Connecting new and emerging network leaders with all Member Network representatives via ICED’s email list and contact list on the website.
  • Encouraging new network leaders to attend Council as “observers” before seeking network membership and the ICED conference, particularly any sessions where they can seek advice on their network strategy.
  • Seeking funding sources to provide financial support and sponsorship for emergent network leaders to attend ICED meetings and conferences.
ICED Council members, Atlanta, USA, 2018.
ICED Council members, Atlanta, USA, 2018.