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IJAD Article of the Year 2022

Laura Cruz, Elizabeth Dickens, Anna L. Bostwick Flaming, and Lindsay B. Wheeler (2022) are the winners of the IJAD 2022 Article of the Year Award for “Embracing complexity: an inclusive framework for the scholarship of educational development”, International Journal for Academic Development, 27(1), 45-57, DOI:

“Embracing complexity” provides a new thought-provoking framework for the theorization of the scholarship of educational development (SoED). Many can feel bewildered by the breadth of SoED, disparate because of the way it has been shaped by social and cultural conditions in different contexts. To address that scholarly “messiness,” the authors offer an organizing framework that helps consumers and producers of SoED locate studies according to four aspects of scholarship, oriented toward process, outcomes, theory, and systems. For new educational developers from another discipline, this framework can act as a scholarly form of stabilizers/training wheels that help build confidence and familiarity; for more established developers, it presents new jumping-off points for future studies – whether staying within the bounds of the four categories or playing at the edges between them. This inspiring article is a “must read” for anyone struggling to make sense of the educational development literature.