Spirit of ICED Award

The purpose of the award is to recognise and celebrate individuals or groups who have made an outstanding contribution to advancing the aims of ICED, which are:

  • To help partner organisations develop their capacity for educational development in higher education through the sharing of good practice, problems and solutions.
  • To increase the number of partner organisations of ICED.
  • To help educational developers in countries where no national network exists to form such a network.
  • To support educational development in higher education in developing countries.
  • To link with other national and international organisations

In 2004, an ICED working group outlined the criteria for nominees as individuals or groups who, over a period of time, have demonstrated outstanding leadership in educational development.

They will have:

  • Perceived opportunities for expanding the boundaries of educational development and acted to bring visions to reality
  • Used evidence to bravely challenge and improve existing educational development practice
  • Actively disseminated educational development practice and/or theory across boundaries
  • Provided a role model to educational developers


Graham Gibbs, 2004

Suki Ekaratne, 2010

Kirsten Hofgaard Lycke, 2010
David Baume, 2014

Chris Knapper, 2014
James Wisdom 2016
Brenda Leibowitz 2018

HELTASA’s Tribute to Brenda Leibowitz 

Denis Berthiaume 2018
Peter Felten 2022
Allan Goody 2022
Torgny Roxå 2022

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