Membership of the ICED Council


Our Nominating Networks are those national educational development associations throughout the world who nominate an individual for membership of the Charity and whose nomination is approved by the Council.

Membership of Council:

Membership of the Council of ICED is open to any country’s national association which represents higher education interests relating to educational development.

Such associations should be inclusive of all relevant stakeholders, operate as not-for-profit entities and promote professional practice and scholarship in higher education development.

Associations applying for membership should explain to ICED Council the basis of their claim for national representation.

The Council reserves the right to determine membership based on the principles of the broad representation and inclusivity of membership of the national association.

Application Process:

Council welcomes applications for membership from national associations at any time.

Applications should include these details:
• The aims, mission and goals of the national association
• Its governance and management structure
• Its activities and promotion of educational development in higher education
• The degree to which the network encourages open and inclusive membership of all likely stakeholders;
• Its representativeness of the nation’s educational community
• Its permanent contact details

The application should include a cover letter and the Network Profile template which covers the information required (sections of the template that are not applicable can be left blank). The template is available here

Applications will be considered by the ICED Board, and recommended to the annual Council meeting.

For preliminary discussions with a member of the ICED Board, please contact the ICED Office.

Member Organisations

We have 26 member organisations across the world. Click here to see a complete list, with their Council representatives

Starting a New Network

ICED encourages the formation of new national networks to support educational development.


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